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Welcome To Woofstock Grooming



Our Service 

Every Woofstock Spaw Service is one-on-one with a gentle & compassionate expert pet stylist.

The best part? We're mobile! We come right to your door for a stress-free grooming experience that is tailored specifically to you and your pets needs!

Pink Bubbles

Filtered Warm
Bath Water

Bamboo Toothbrush, 100% Biodegradable_ed

Clean Teeth & Ears

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High Quality Grooming Products & Tools

Dog Waving Paw_edited.jpg

Trim & File Nails

Wooden Hair Brush_edited_edited.jpg

Gentle Brush &
Blow Out or De-Shed

Professional groomer takes care of Maltese puppy in vet clinic.Grooming salon worker cuts

Breed Specific or Custom Styling

All of our vans are cage-free and professionally cleaned regularly.  We also use a veterinarian approved disinfectant between appointments to make sure everything is always sanitized for your pup's safety. 

  • Why Choose Woofstock Grooming?
    At Woofstock, we believe grooming is about health, wellness, peace of mind and convenience for both you and your furry best friend. To that end, we started Woofstock in 2022 to end traumatic trips to the salon that far too often means your pup is in a cage for hours and stressed from all the other dogs, sights and smells. The Woofstock service is one-on-one the entire time, with no cages or other dogs around. Our state-of-the-art, next generation mobile grooming vans are fully self sufficient and engineered for stress-free grooming!
  • What is included in the Woofstock Service?
    Every Woofstock Spaw Day includes all of the following at no extra cost: Warm filtered water bath, All-Natural Shampoos, Conditioners and Face Wash, Hand Blow Dry, Gentle Brush out, Ear Cleaning, Nail Trimming and Filing, Teeth Brushing, and Anal Gland Expression, if needed. Also included is complimentary touch up trimming to clear your pets eyes of view-blocking hairs, shaving the pads, rounding the paws, and a sanitary shave. Full body and partial haircuts are not included in the regular Spaw service. For the full suite of services and pricing, feel free to contact our office at (310) 925-7870 to talk specifics for your pup!
  • How Much Does Woofstock Cost?
    Woofstock is competitively priced with all 5-star rated dog grooming services in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Prices vary based on the size, breed, coat condition and services you select for your dog. Depending on what you are looking for, our services typically range from $95-$350+. Please call or text us at 310-925-7870 to get a quote tailored to your pup.
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